Bill & Hillary’s First Home – Fayetteville, AR

If you missed the first installment of my Bill home tour (it’s really not that fancy, y’all.  I just love architecture and Bill Clinton, and he has just so happened to live near where my family and I live), see my … Continue reading

Fashionably Late | Something Old, Something New

Back to the “Something old, something new…” adage – check out this mix of thrifted & new fashion all in one outfit! Some old things… The shirt is a thrifted corduroy pearl snap button up.  That basically means awesomeness.  Pearl snaps, … Continue reading

Fashionably Late | Something Blue

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” This old wedding adage can really come in handy when planning outfits.  Recently I attended one of my fraternity brother’s wedding, and I wanted to wear our sorority/fraternity color, royal blue, for … Continue reading

Visiting Bill Clinton’s Birthplace – Hope, AR

You know how you live somewhere your whole life, or your whole family is from some place, and there are some local attractions that you just take for granted?  Yeaaaa..  The Clinton Homes that are in Arkansas are in my hometown (Fayetteville, … Continue reading

Fashionably Late | Monroe & Pleats

Oh sunny day.  Oh sunny daaaaay!  Thank Texas for the Sun.  I can wear the clothes I love most when the sun is out and about, warming the earth, tanning my skin and what-not. This here number has Marilyn Monroe … Continue reading