Graveyards and Design?

So I’m sure you’ve read the title and thought, “What is this girl talking about?”  Well, after showing my boss my blog post about my love for wrought iron, and with her being a lover of all things eclectic (like me), she pointed out that I should look at wrought iron gates at graveyards!  Unfortunately I don’t have any personal pictures for this genre of wrought iron as I did before (Unique Inspiration), but I will let google be my guide.  Check out this lovely grave yard and other gate styled wrought iron!

*insert creepy laugh and creaky gate noise here*

Shockoe Cemetery cast iron fence – Richmond, VA


Early 18th century Carshalton Gates – Planting Fields Arboretum State Park, Oyster Bay, NY

Detail of Carshalton Gate – Planting Fields Arboretum State Park, Oyster Bay, NY


“Crockett Iron Works” logo/stamp – It was an ironwork firm in Macon, GA which operated 1869-1890s.


 Before you go, listen up =)  Starting this Sunday, I will be instating (sounds so fancy!) “iDesign Sunday.”  This will be a weekly or biweekly post concerning design insight, inspiration, intellect, information.. and basically anything I can think of that starts with an “i” and has to do with design.  Not only will the posts be by me, I will be asking my fellow design students to provide some posts!  I hope you will enjoy the upcoming iDesign tidbits!

Until we meet again!  Ci vediamo (=


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