Old World Charm: iDesign Sunday

12th century Spanish oil mill converted into a house!

Insight & Inspiration

Old World Charm is something that is very inspiring to me.  Just the idea of a rustic old barn or an old knick knack that holds absolutely no relevance in today’s society, but had so much meaning 50 years ago, is absolutely thrilling!  To own something that has had a past life excites my imagination.  I always wonder how it was used before, and how can I make it relevant now?  In my search to better articulate “old world charm,” I have discovered that it has not been properly defined.  So, I am taking the task of giving meaning to this concept upon myself!

Old World Charm: \ˈōld – \ˈwər(-ə)ld\ – \ˈchärm\

1. the harmonious incorporation of a non-modern decorative or structural elements into a modern designed space

Antique furniture used in a Modern living room

2. the harmonious incorporation of modern decorative or structural elements in a space that is defined by non-modern elements

Cannon Design – Architecture Office “old” exterior, St. Louis, MO

Cannon Design – Architecture Office – “modern” interior, St. Louis, MO

Cannon Design – Architecture office (personal photo), St. Louis, MO

3. the use of elements that once held practical purpose (i.e. structure – columns and arches) in a purely decorative manner

Columns, originally used to hold up ceilings, lintels, or arches, frame the view of a half wall in this modern interior.

4. the alteration of an antique design element to make it appear modern

Frayed Damask wall covering – Palazzo Reale – Napoli, Italia (personal photo)

Damask, the “pattern” on the curtains, was originally an Islamic and Byzantine weaving pattern used on silk fabric during the middle ages. Today, damask can be printed onto fabric in any color imaginable.

5.  The conservation/preservation/restoration of a building to display it’s original design

Inn at Carnall Hall, originally Ella Carnall Hall, was completed in 1906 – This was the first women’s dorm on Fayetteville’s University of Arkansas campus. It uses Colonial Revival details and Victorian design.

Inn at Carnall Hall - University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Inn at Carnall Hall – University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Inn at Carnall Hall – Senior State Room, University of Arkansas – Fayetteville

As you see above, the Old World New Girl definition extends beyond the concept of “old world” as merely European.  I see “old world” as styles that are no longer considered contemporary.  I hope you follow along as I further develop these definitions on my quest to better understand “old world charm!”


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