Interiors by Architects: iDesign Sunday

I have a lovely story for you all tonight!!! *smiles, adjusts glasses, opens book, clears throat*

Once upon a time, there was no distinction between one who solely designed interiors, and one who designed exteriors of buildings.  This was because, well, that distinction didn’t exist!  There was the architect, and the architect finely detailed almost every aspect of the entire creation!


Lovely story, right? =)

Well, at the top of my list of favorite architects in history, Frank Lloyd Wright (#1) and Antonio Gaudí (eh, #2 or #3) are prime examples of this design logic.  From the exterior brick facade of a FLW house to the door handle in a Gaudí apartment, these guys covered the whole nine yards!  So here’s to them!  I aspire to have such a complete understanding of and connection with the buildings I will design in the future, just as they did.  Although I don’t plan to design from the ground up (ahem, sustainability), I want to be a “Renaissance Designer” and do it all – creating a building that is a seamless entity!  Cheers to the future & working hard so that I can accomplish that! =)

On another note, these two guys are classified as having created “organic architecture.”  This can be defined as architecture that is in harmony with nature, so much that all aspects of the architecture become unified with the nature around it.  The following are two sites that I had the opportunity to visit (I almost jumped out of my seat when I realized we were taking a class trip to a FLW house!).  So take a visit to Gaudí’s “Casa Mila” and FLW’s “House at Ebsworth Park” (or the “Kraus House”) through my eyes!

Frank Lloyd Wright’s House at Ebsworth Park, “Krause House”

Kirkwood, Missouri – 1952

The king of bringing geometry to life! The floor plan of the Kraus house is composed of two overlapping parallelograms, a shape that Wright uses to shape the entire house.

Despite it’s strong geometries that would seemingly make it a sore thumb in nature, the Kraus House sits beautifully in it’s natural surroundings.

View from carport to the exterior of the studio room.

Windows of the back patio

Geometry in the interior: Notice the half hexagonal fireplace, the double hexagonal dining table, and the parallelogram floor tiles.

Antonio Gaudí’s Casa Milà (The Milà House)

Barcelona, Spain – 1906-1910

Relief of the Casa Milà floor plan.

Front exterior view of Casa Milà.  The curves of the interior and exterior bring an organic feel to this busy site in the city.

Dining area in Casa Milà.

Chairs and sofas designed by Gaudí.  Check out the ceiling and the trim around the door!

My professor, Scott, demonstrating the ease with which the door handles are turned. What may seem to be a minute detail was treated with so much care here by Gaudí!

For more pictures, visit my Pinterest FLW&Gaudí pinboard!

Thanks for reading, and until we meet again – Ci Vediamo (see you later!)


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