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My Gaudí Playlist


I’m in the process of writing a column about Antonio Gaudí because he is one of my favorite architects. While walking today (I always think I’m in a music video!), I thought of 6 artists – Marsha Ambrosius, Elvis Presley, Beyoncé, J. Cole, Mariah Carey & Drake – that made me feel what Gaudí’s work Casa Milà makes me feel. The undulation of the building and the intricate details in every facet leave one overarching impression on me: PASSION. So, when I got home I made the playlist… eh, of course I couldn’t limit it to 6 artists! =) My questions to you: Is music your muse? What songs help you design or help you focus on learning about design? Whether it’s sketching, sewing, painting, drafting… what music helps you to produce an awesome end product?

Let me know what music floats your boat!

Until next post: Ci Vediamo! =)


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