Moody McMoodBoard: iDesign Sunday

So I know you’re wondering, what does this Sunday’s “i” stand for?  It is strictly INTERIORS!  Below is an interior mood board that I put together.  Creating it reminded me of the design process I use in class.  I started with a chair as inspiration, and created something that didn’t include it at all, but it is still beautiful!  I hope you enjoy!  =)

Original inspiration:  Mademoiselle Flowers Red, using Missoni’s Multicolor Kaleidoscopic Flower Pattern fabric, by Phillipe Starck.

I originally named this mood board “Hall of Beautiful Chairs,” basing it around Stark’s chair. Now, I’m thinking I’ll call it “Flamenco.”  I added the Flamenco paintings (by Miki De Goodaboom),  Tobi Fairley Rothesay Lanterns, and orange throw pillows and everything came together!  It is an interesting room, and it has a lot of character!  Head over to and create some mood boards of your own!


One thought on “Moody McMoodBoard: iDesign Sunday

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