Making a difference! “When my sister does well, I do well.” – Dr. Bertice Berry

Dream BIG Southwest Arkansas

Discover, Plan, Eat, Dance!

Today was a wild day!  And by wild, I mean.. well, wild!  We woke up early, crossed over to Texarkana, Texas for a second…

…then quickly merged back into Texarkana, Arkansas and visited the Silas Herbert Hunt CDC.

Next, we went to the Faith, Love & Hope Youth Coorporation and planned out to the T (yea, mhm) how the next three days will go!  And by “to the T,” I mean we planned and allowed for flexibility (remember, that is one of our ground rules and mentors as advisors.. a very important one, at that!)

Afterwards, we ran a few errands, picking up goodies for our young ladies.  Blow pops, chips, NutriGrain Bars… no skittles, though! (but that’s a totally different story for another day)

Then came food… and good food at that!  We dined at Olive Garden to wind down from the day.

Of course…

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