An update on the events of my spring break trip – check out the video and our blog!

Dream BIG Southwest Arkansas

Spring Break:  You took forever to get here… You were like an amazing dream, and then you were gone, yet again!  But oh, how you left us for the better!

I believe it is a consensus among all of the mentors and the advisors that our spring break experience, Dream BIG (Believing in Girls) Southwest Arkansas 2012 cannot be matched by any Panama trip, by any lazy days catching up with favorite television shows, or even by the homework that somehow gets assigned over spring break (what’s up with that?).  #BigSWAR12, as we have affectionately hash tagged it, was an amazing experience.    In honor of it, we would like to share with you our experience in form of a photo slideshow.

Mentors and advisors will be meeting tomorrow for our final debrief in order to discuss the full impact that the trip had, and to think of…

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