Trends Transcend Genre pt. 1

Have you ever walked by some funky wallpaper and thought to yourself:

“Goodness, I would love to have a skirt in that pattern!” 

Meh, me either.  But, alas, I have had a revelation!  (I’m sure someone else has thought of it before, but I am staking claim now – I can’t find it on Google).  The revelation is:

“Trends Transcend Genre” 

Those 3 words… make my design life complete!

Oh… you probably want to know what I mean?  Yea?  Ok..

Take a look =)

Get it?

No matter the trend, it can be adapted to the different ways we express ourselves artistically.  So you love those stripes?  Well go for the striped curtains, nails, phone case, shoes, backpack, pleated jacket, chair, walls, floors….

*Breathe in, breathe out*  Memes explain me so well =)  I love that little character… but I digress.  The point of it all (Anthony Hamilton voice): is that trends have no boundaries.  “A trend may enter your life through fashion, but it may very well leave through interior design.  Trends can’t be boxed in.  They TRANSCEND.”  – quoted from my Pinterest board.  Check it out – all images from here can be found there!  Also, be on the look out for the next post displaying more of these “transcendental trends.”  Yea, I’m coining this right now – “Transcendental Trends”

And until next time! Ci vediamo!  See you later =)


2 thoughts on “Trends Transcend Genre pt. 1

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