Concrete Lace!

Have you ever thought how perfect an item could be if it combined a few of your favorite things?  Like, a bacon cupcake?  Random.  Well, I have seen such a product.


I was confused at the thought of it, but seeing it just proves how awesome design is.  I included it as a lace item in the previous post (Trends Transcend Genre pt. 1), but here are some more details on it.  Kudos to the creator, Doreen Westphal, for such an awesome creation!  I love when such a tough design element, such as concrete, is made to seem soft.  It is just beautiful!  Check it out!

Concrete Lace viewed in full, suspended from ceiling.

Closer view of the concrete lace’s detail. The concrete is casted into lace-shaped concrete tiles in order to make the lace-like appearance.

Doreen Westphal with her creation, the concrete lace.

Another interior incorporating the concrete lace, suspended from the ceiling.  Here it is used as a visual space divider.  It can also be used as a gauze, wall covering, window treatment, or a room divider in different settings – inside or outside!

Check out Doreen Westphal Studio facebook page for more info on her products!

Until next time – Ci Vediamo!  See you later =)


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