When the Fun Arrives

So, we all know college is a lot of work!  Essays, research, late nights, early mornings, huge projects for design students… stress, stress, stress.  The results it yields are amazing, though.  Sometimes it can even be fun =)

Recently my Human Factors class was assigned a video project in order to demonstrate that we actually learned something this semester, and it was a success!  I bet you’re wondering, “what the heck is this human factors you speak of?”  Well, allow me to explain!  Simply put, Human Factors is a professional elective class offered to design students at the U of A.  This class addresses how the environments that we design really affect the people that we design them for.  I would say this type of class is what sets a professional designer apart from a decorator.  We are learning to be accountable for how our designs will be used, and how we can design the best possible space for the people that will eventually use it – the end users.

All of the groups were creative – we’re design students, what else can you expect?  My group, which included 3 other young ladies in addition to myself, was assigned Housing – and we took a “MTV Cribs” spin on what we learned.  Check out our Human Factors: Cribs Edition!

I hope you enjoyed it, and maybe you learned something.  But most definitely, I hope you got a good laugh out of it!

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!  See you later! =)


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