Trends Transcend Genre Pt. 2

I’m back on the trend prowl with this post!  I’m sure you recall the Trends Transcend Genre Pt. 1 post =)  Check out these three trends that work in so many different realms of design!

Good ole Red, White, and Blue – our nation’s flag has made it into several designers’ work!

Color Blocking is all the craze these days! And in every way!

Of course I would not leave out the vintage – where would Old World New Girl be without it?  These modern + vintage styles are amazing to me =)

Don’t forget to check out my TTG Pinterest board to see all of these photos (along with their sources) and much more!  As always, I hope you enjoyed and could take something from this post.  Until next time, Ci Vediamo! See you later =)


One thought on “Trends Transcend Genre Pt. 2

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