I feel so #Official!


As a design student I am interested in several different areas of design, so I follow several design pages on facebook.  There are the Art & Architecture pages based on design in specific countries ranging from Algeria to Tunisia, and more!  A few other pages I like to visit are Arkansas Historic Preservation Program and Design Milk.  One that has great photographs that catch my interest – Landscape Architects Network – recently held an interview process for volunteer writing positions for their new online magazine, LA Active, so I applied!  Through the interview process I was able to write about subjects that I love: organic architecture and sustainability.  After a lot of correspondence between myself and the magazine’s creator, I was approved as a volunteer writer.  I could not be more excited about it!  I can honestly say that writing about design via OldWorldNewGirl has inspired me to write even more, and it was a main influence for even applying for the volunteer writing position.

I urge you all to go on over and check out LA Active, and give my profile a looksie while you’re there!  Also check out my entry, “What Does ‘GREEN’ Actually Mean?”

Until next time, Ci Vediamo! =)


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