iDesign Sunday: iHeart Family… and Design


I feel like it’s been so long since my last post.  In reality it has been only 7 days – but these past 7 days have been BUSY.  I have earned 2 jobs – 1 internship and 1 part-time retail job (details to come later) and a lot of more goodies are brewing (insert witch cackle and cheesy blingy grin *ca-ching*).  That’s all for another day.  Today’s story comes after several months of planning.  My first cousin and I have headed the committee (she was my committee and I was her’s) for a small family reunion.  I remember growing up I always looked forward to the “even numbered years” because those were the years we had a weekend of adventures with so many members of our extended family (third, fourth, and fifth cousins +).  A special shout out to Armistead (1835-?) and Wynne (1842-?) Pryor for leaving such a great legacy of wonderful people behind.  During this reunion I reunited with cousins I have not seen in over 8-10 years, and met a few whom this was their first time ever attending a reunion!  It was truly amazing.

So yea… where does the architecture come into play???

**Cool sunglasses, mic & drumroll, per favore……..**

Crystal Bridges

**drops mic**

That’s all I’m going to say about that.  Take a gander.

… and as the pig says, that’s all folks!  Whew!  I hope you enjoyed! 🙂

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


One thought on “iDesign Sunday: iHeart Family… and Design

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