Old Main

‘Ello out there! So, you may or may not know, but my Mr. Mac is sick and had to take a trip to the Apple store, so I’ve had to find several different outlets for my creativity. It has also allowed me to focus on other things lolz. Luckily, WordPress has an awesome app that I am using right now, so this press is coming to you live from the iPhone!!! How awesome is that??

Anywho, I had an urge to get a black and white shot of Old Main, the first building on my school’s campus (built 1873-1875). – woo pig souieee, go hogs! University of Arkansas!!! – Specifically, the tallest bell tower. As the story goes (I hope I don’t butcher it), the original architect/designer routed for the south during the American Civil War, therefore he was going to make the southern bell tower the tallest. But the engineer, being a northern vet, saw fit that the northern tower was made to outshine the southern tower, and it stands taller to this day. That’s good ole’ architect vs. engineer rivalry for ya! (you read that with a southern drawl, didn’t you?! Admit it! Hahah =)

Well, for this photo shoot I worked relentlessly & pulled out the big boys. That is, I turned the music up on my iPhone headphones, made sure the headphone wire wasn’t blocking my camera, and stepped on some grass that I probably wasn’t supposed to – shhhhh! I’m sure i looked like some weird lost teenager with an oversized backpack, lying on my back for some pictures, “talking to myself” when my cousin called, and “sneaking” around the building. Meh *insert shoulder shrug* For some reason, I just love the black and white touch to these photos better than seeing them in color. I feel like it was just divine inspiration 🙂

Check out my perspective of Old Main:

















Of course I couldn’t take photos of Old Main without also snapping one of the Peace Fountain! And just a note about me.. If a building has a sign like that one above (National Register of Historic Places), chances are that 8.987304728 times out of 10, I’m going to love it! I love my Historic Preservation!

I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. p.s. – I’m not a photographer… Just and iPhone enthusiast (junky) hehehe 🙂

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!


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