OWNG News – 6 June 2012

On a previous post I promised to update you all on all of the crazy things that have been going on in my life because I had missed a few iDesign Sundays.  Well, here goes!

What’s going on?

1.  New job:

I am working at the wonderful New York & Company.  I love working there so far, the atmosphere is joyful, the customers are great… and the CLOTHES.. well, duh, the clothes are amazing!  It is very high-paced and keeps me on my toes!  I like that, though.  I love being able to help the customers, but I think my favorite task has been organizing the sale items by style and color.  Roy G. Biv style is what made sense to me, ya’ know – science class – Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet, so that’s what I did.  I can’t help it, it’s the designer in me 🙂

2.  New Internship:

I’ve interned for a residential designer before, Janet Green Interior Design, in my hometown in the summer of 2010.  For my previous interior design major I needed to have an internship as part of the curriculum, and I took the task of finding an interior design firm to intern for very seriously.  I labored over my portfolio, went to portfolio workshops, googled portfolios, met with professors about it – and the end product is here.  I applied to firms in Little Rock, AR, Kansas City, MO and Savannah, GA.  My luck?  Not much.  Since I changed my major, I had just given up on it.  Then one day a text comes from my friend, Ariel.  (Check out her blog – All Good Things Design).  And pretty much, less than 3 days later I had an internship with Preferred Design here in Fayetteville!  It is primarily a health care design firm, which piques my interest because up until I was about 19, my family owned and operated Benson Nursing Home, which was originally the “black/colored” hospital in Nashville, AR when my great-grandfather founded it.  I always told myself that as soon as I became a famous designer, I would restore the building to a better state.  Unfortunately it was closed in 2008 – but it had already sparked a tiny design dream in me that has helped drive my passion for design to this day.  Today was my official first day, and I learned so much in just the first hour!  For example, design for Alzheimer patients’ quarters cannot have very light colors, should not have bold patterns (i.e. stripes) and should have very little contrast.  Having a pattern that has stripes in it could be perceived by the patients as being in a room that has bars in it.  Great knowledge was acquired on only my first day!

3. New LandArchs article:

Just FYI – a new article is out, go check it out!  Top 10 Classical Museums

4.  OldWorldNewGirl Views:

The blog has reached over 1,000 all time views, as of … Now, you may say, “just 1,000 views?  Other sites get that everyday!”  Well, as a solo student blogger just hoping that other people will love my design antics, I am ever so grateful for that, and my 25+ subscribers/followers. THANK YOU!

Yes, I stalked my stats until I reached 1000 lolz. You, the viewers, come from all over (OWNG is international woooohoooo!), and the 1000th viewer was from the United States of America =)

5. Random Realization:

I coined another quote today 😉 haha – “While pictures are beautiful and can tell 1000 words, there’s no experience like BEING there.”  So original, right? Haha.  Anywho, this realization came about while I was walking downtown to and from my internship today.  I saw some awesome art installations near the Walton Arts Center & NWA Community Creative Center (where I used to work! love them!)  They were beautiful in passing – but it was talking the time to explore them, talk to other people about them & revel in their realness that truly left a lasting impression on me.  I can blog about all the places I want to go, you can talk about all the pretty pictures, we can discuss all of the great buildings in architecture history ALL DAY.  It is not until we step foot inside, around or through these existing entities that they can really affect us.

Check out the art that inspired this thought:

“Out of the Woodwork” by Patrick Dougherty

Taking something from nature and shaping it into his own creation, his work is pure genius!

#Model moment

“Karst” by Massey Burke

Check out this local article for more photos and information about these two installations.

So much is in the works for me right now.  I can hope for only so much, but I know my God can make things happen that I never could even imagine!  I’m excited for what this summer holds in store =)  And I will keep you all informed.  Thank you!  Please, leave comments & suggestions about ANYTHING!  I would appreciate to hear from the readers!

Say it with me now:  Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!! 😀


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