iDesign Sunday: I’ll Keep it Simple

Some days, I don’t need words.  I just need visuals to keep me moving.  These are some of my favorite sites and pages to check out for that inspiration.

Landscape Architects Network

website       facebook       online publication

Capturing and sharing the most gorgeous landscapes.  Sharer of all areas of design – especially landscape design.

captioned: The Law Library of Munich, there must be some room for a good LA book there. – The LA Team

Keukenhof, Holland – “The Garden of Europe”

African Heritage City

website       facebook

sharer of all things beautiful that descend from Africa

by sculptor/artist/Professor Ben Enwonwu

TYP Photography – TrustYourPhotographer

website       facebook

can you say beautiful, cutting edge photography?  I can.  TYP has just that.

*props eyes open for days*

“The Coiffure Project” by photographer Glenford Nunez is what led me to this photography site in the first place. I’m a curly headed girl and these portraits speak truth to my existence. I feel that they portray ME, because so much in the media shows everything that isn’t me. ❤

“Justin” – The Coiffure Project. Prints now for sale on etsy.

Mechanical Dummy

website       facebook

for artsy kids like me who just love design.  they’re full of it.  design, that is.

(click images for link)

Style: urban outfitters x new balance 205

Features: Diff Lens Mount iPhone Case. This. Right here. Is amazing awesome sauce stuff, people. Read up on it!

Arts & Culture: House on the bay by Tiguntsev Andrey

That’s all for now folks.  I hope you take the time to check out all of the links above! These are just a few of my favorite sites to browse – for hours on end – and, if I had to, I would place them at the top of my favorites list.

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!! 🙂


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