iDesign Sunday: All in the Family

I’ve been as quiet as a church mouse as of late.  It’s only because I’ve been working on trying to accomplish so much!  So this week’s iDesign Sunday is dedicated to my work and one of my older sister’s work.  I have always said that if I could major in Arts & Crafts, I would SO do it.  I love making things with my hands with ideas that stem from my crazy-wicked-weird imagination.  With all that crazy-wicked-weird being said, most of the things I create are quite dainty hahaha.  Check it out!


Addie Danielle Benson


Twitter: @OldWorldNewGirl

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 Hair Accessory Facebook: KnockOut Bows (under construction)


I am a good ole’ American music loving girl.  So much so that a lot of the things I paint are based on an emotion I once felt while listening to a song.  Check these out.

“The Climb” (Nov. 2010) -The inspiration behind this piece is Miley Cyrus’s song, “The Climb.” I encourage you to find your own meaning in this piece, and all others. That’s what art is all about! How does it make YOU feel?

“American Girl” 2011 – acrylic on canvas – American girl; there is no “norm.” Each is one in a million, just as she is.

My family lets me get crazy on their walls. This is why I am the way I am. Creative, that is. 🙂

Yarn Goodies

Ever since I joined the Knitting Club in high school, I’ve been yarn crazy.  I recently taught myself how to crochet – and when I say “taught myself,” all thanks go to the wonderful people in my computer on youtube & google!  I am currently working on a facebook page to sell my crocheted and knitted items, which are really becoming one of a kind.  I love taking a pattern I find and creating something I’ve never seen anywhere else (unless you count inside my imagination)!  It is an amazing feeling.  Just recently I “instagramed” my thoughts behind this process:  “Today’s perfection is tomorrow’s prototype.”  This simply means that I may create an item I’ve been imagining and go to sleep feeling accomplished, but by morning I will have thought of 10 different ways to make it perfect for that day, because what I made yesterday was just the prototype for today.  Long spill.  Here are the pics.

Newest “invention.” I haven’t seen any like these yet. Bow rings, completely made of yarn.

Representing Razorbacks, of course. 4 crocheted bows with alligator clips attached on the back.

Yarn hair bows with buttons in the center. Alligator or snap clips attached to the back.

Curly hair barettes.

Curly hair barrette and a bow with clip.

3 strand head band that ties in the back, with double tier flower attached.

Where I plan to take it from here:  I’ve been told by many that I always have too much on my plate.  While this may be true, it’s how I know how to function.  I want create a collection based on some paintings I’ve already created, and display my art, even if it’s just at a local cafe.  I am also in the works of creating an online source to purchase my yarn goodies 🙂  I am always revising patterns that I’ve made so that I can make my items better.  Be on the lookout for it all, I will definitely keep you posted! =)


My sissi (the nickname that is shared between us and our other 3 sisters), T. Nichole Benson, is a freelance photographer and she also makes shamballas bracelets (and sells them).  Check out her awesomazing work!

Nichole Benson



Instagram: red_head_dread

twitter: @b3nson4lif3

Facebook: Art Of Photography

Shamballas Bracelets

Check out her Etsy shop, BeadsByBenson, where the bracelets sell for US $20, each.









Sissi’s closing remarks:  “I am a passionate photographer capturing moments of your life through my lens.  As an artist, I plan on continuing to share my love or art through my eyes.”

Thanks for tuning in this week!  Soon I will be back to giving you the goodies I started with, good ole Old World New Girl content.  I must admit I’m proud of this post, too.  I come from such a creative family, that is truly a blessing!  If you like our works, check back with OWNG or subscribe!  I will definitely update you all with every advancement we make.  Don’t forget to click the links above, check out all of our pages!  *shameless plug* We take commissions =) So contact us!

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!! 🙂


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