iDesign Sunday: Oh, Hey there Design!

Howdy, Hola, Ciao, Hey out there! =)

As of late, my life has been consumed with crocheting, sewing, painting, bows, canvas, fabric and yarn.  If I had the choice, I would have majored in Arts and Crafts.  Yes, really!   Despite my being consumed in these activities, design and architecture never fail to stay close.  I’ve been reading some great books recommended to me by my professor in preparation for the fall semester.  They are closely related to my favorite love: Historic Preservation.  If you love H.P., too, check out the books “Historical Preservation: Curatorial Management of the Built World” and “American Building: The Environmental Forces That Shape It” by James Marston Fitch.

I had the chance to volunteer with my school’s (nationally recognized & accepting donations!) Full Circle Food Pantry when they teamed up with a realtor service – Basset Mix & Associates, Inc.  The realtors showed 5 historic houses, I was stationed at one of them, and I learned a lot about the history of some of the old houses around one of my favorite parks while also promoting my campus’s food pantry.  For instance, the “rocky houses,” as I like to call them, were designed by a UofA Geology Professor named Noah Drake. I was stationed in a home which was built in 1941 and was still true to its original design.  The family that currently lives in it has given it unique character with beautiful colors, decorations, and family memorabilia.  You can check out the house’s listing page here.

Check out some of my lovely iPhone photos below.

where the edges meet! sweet things, yes indeed!

woooood floors *swoon*

Hmm… A moral to this jipity jumpity seemingly unfocused post is: I love Design.  I should make a shirt for that =)  Anywho, I’m glad to be posting again, and more will come as summer winds down, as I am entered in a Green Blogging Competition at my school (I’m excited about it already!!!)

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!! =)



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