iDesign Sunday: On The Road Again

I finally got a summer vacation in the form of driving over 1,100 miles over a course of 4 days to help one of my friends move!  It was very spur of the moment, but I didn’t hesitate to say yes – I needed a break from my apartment and I hadn’t left town all summer!  Driving was fun at first…  I sang my fair share of out of tune songs!  Very loudly, I might add.  Towards the end of it all, I was SORE!  To top it off, when I wasn’t driving, I was crocheting for my first booth selling my crochet items which happened on Saturday!   Overall, the trip was amazing =)  I helped a friend move (too far away, I will miss our outings) and visited my family!  I couldn’t let this opportunity of visiting a “big town” go by without getting some good ole’ art in my system!  I only had 3 hours to take a lot in, so I chose some exhibits I knew I would love and focused on them (see this video about “Gallery Fatigue” – Tracy Chevalier).  Check out my iPhone photography of my past week! =)

Oxtails, cabbage & plantain from Jamaica House – Houston, TX. AMAZING!


I loved this entrance at the Puma store in the Galleria

Beautiful furniture showcase that doubles as a resting area for mall patrons

Entrance to the Cullen Sculpture Garden.  The garden was designed by Isamu Noguchi. I nearly freaked out when I researched it and saw that he was the designer, and I could not miss visiting it!  The interior has several concrete walls which form outdoor “rooms” and reveal different art with every turn!

one stone a little different

“The Large Horse” – Raymond Duchamp-Villon (1914)

“Untitled” – Clark Murray (1974-75)

“Untitled” – Joel Shapiro (1990)
It makes me think of the running man dance 🙂

“Conversation With The Wind” – Pietro Consagra (1962)
Experiencing this piece in person makes the title so believable for some reason. It is beautiful!

“Triangular Solid with Circular Inserts, Variation F” – Dan Graham (1989-2006)

being weird and trying to capture myself at the sculpture garden :/ 🙂

“The Light Inside” – James Turrell (1999)
Another reason I was overly excited about visiting MFA, Houston!

Interesting outcome of this photo

Hot Pink!

Creeping on this class as they sketch – It was pretty neat!

I absolutely love antique vases that tell stories! This is a “Loutrophoros” created for a tomb.
– Darius Painter, Italian – Apulian (340 BC)

The Glasell Collection of African Gold – Weaponry

The Glasell Collection of African Gold – beautiful jewelry

“Jubilee-Ghana Harvest Festival” – John Biggers (1959)

got someone to snap a picture for me!

Japanese vase, hexagonal covered box and vessel form (1980s & 1990s)

close up of Japanese Vase by Kitamura Junko (1991)

“Untitled” – Subodh Gupta (2008)

Indonesian Gold – Ritual headdresses

painting by sculptor Jean-Pierre Larocque in the “Space vs. Shape: Works on Paper by Sculptors” exhibit

painting by sculptor Alexander Calder, whose art can also be seen at the local Crystal Bridges!

Post-Houston, Heading Home, La Mia Famiglia!

Saw an estate sale on the way to my sister’s house & I HAD to stop!

Sister!! Oh, how I have missed the 🙂

Family =)

More family =) Love the munchkins!

Back Home, Back to Business!

First time selling our crochet/fabric items to the public, many more times to come!

That about sums it up for my Houston trip!  There are seeeveral more pictures that I will post at a later time!

On another note (happily sung out of key), tomorrow starts the “last 1st fall semester of my undergraduate career!”  A small achievement that makes me want to Shout!  Throw my hands up and, Shout!  A little bit Louder now, SHOUT!  Yes.. Yes.. I took it there =)  I will have plenty to blog about this semester between being part of my school’s Green Blogging Competition and clearing my mind about my independent study course about Historic Preservation and Sustainability that I formed with one of my professors.  I am über ready!  Are you?  No worries, I know you are!  

So until next time, my loves, Ci Vediamo!!!



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