Bring. It. On. Senior Year!

Ooooooooh yea.  School showed up three days ago and apparently felt like the early 2000’s saying, “It’s on like Donkey Kong!”  And I’m fine with that.  There’s this one thing, though… I’ve only ever had one semester in my entire collegiate career without a studio to keep me sane (I realize this is a morbid contradiction).  I am now facing an entire year without studio (Hooray?!), and I am enrolled in classes that focus a lot on literature and theory (of architecture, por supuesto!).

I see a year a growth ahead of me – I must be honest and say that reading isn’t my “thing.”  More specifically, my attention span, which matches that of a happy little gold fish with huge goggly eyes, torments me when I’m not reading something that I choose to read – like Harry Potter or Zora Neale Hurston novels.  Tell me to go read about HVAC regulations and I instantly turn into a pouty 5 year old.  I complete the daunting task very reluctantly.  Surprisingly, though, I have not had that problem thus far.  I believe it is because I am finally reading and absorbing (wholeheartedly like a child dreaming about unicorns and rainbows) information that feeds my appetite to know more about Historic Preservation, Sustainability and Architecture.  When I read and comprehend some of the things I’ve been assigned lately, it is like an out of body experience.  I love to learn, and I love to learn even more when it fulfills my historic preservation craving *long sigh of contentment*.

Aaaaand I wrote this all to ultimately share the following quote which was on the first page of my Stuctures I assigned reading.  It made me think of a structure that has been on campus for a few months, which I photographed and shared on the OWNG facbook page (check the album out).  This song feature below was playing on my Pandora “Classical Radio” station while I was  reading, and I felt spontaneously enlightened.  (Side note: If I am to digest any of what I read, I can’t listen to music with words in it.  Classical Music is a must… and I think it’s good for the soul =)

(push play first, become one with the song, then continue reading)

“Nature does nothing in vain, and more is in vain when less will serve; for Nature is pleased with simplicity, and affects not the pomp of superfluous causes.” – Sir Isaac Newton

I’m glad I could wander off topic and bring it all the way back around to share this with you.  Have a good night, all, and I shall continue reading.  Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!



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