Reclaimed Wood Love: iDesign Sunday + Green Bloggin’

So you should know by now that OWNG likes to keep it old! Right?  Well if you didn’t, now you do! =)  Since I am taking a furniture design class, I’ve become slightly obsessed with furniture made from reclaimed wood, and it is one of the main driving forces behind my pieces for this class.  You can’t see my pieces, they’re for VIP… haha, actually, they won’t be complete until the semester is over, so they only exist in theory as of now haha 🙂  Therefore, we’ll have to look at projects that already exist!  Using reclaimed wood not only provides an aesthetic of “old world charm,” it puts to use perfectly good wood, which would otherwise be thought of as trash because it’s not “new.”  But if discarded wood is taken and used for another purpose (instead of decorating a landfill), is it not, thus, new again?  Food for thought, eh?  Or rather, wood for thought!  I crack myself up… You can laugh now haha!  Check out some “born again” wood works below. (click the pictures for links)

These DIY reclaimed wood projects prove that you don’t have to be a famous designer to get down with the reclaimed wood!

this DIY chandelier was made from reclaimed wood and baby food jars

have an old pallet? put it to new use! check out the several ways you can DIY!

have a little secret… designers are doing it, too!  Shhhhh!

John Houshmand uses reclaimed wood as a headboard here, leaving it raw and altered very little, if any at all.

Again Houshmand uses reclaimed wood, this time in a more discrete manner, to make a long and slender bench.

Oh.. That wasn’t enough for you?  Well let’s take it big!

Hows about a whole house? Reclaimed Space took it there!

Reclaimed Space even offers prefab homes of varying sizes!  Don’t forget that it is made with reclaimed materials!

and check out this Reclaimed Space interior… It truly gives the feeling of a warm, inviting home.

Upon your careful inspection of the afore mentioned sustainable and aesthetically pleasing masterpieces created from “born again” reclaimed wood, I deem you competent to go forth and create your own!  =)  Feel free to share your reclaimed wood or reclaimed material projects, or a project that someone else has done that you really like!

Super YAYE for the first iDesign Sunday + Green Bloggin’ combo, and many more to come!

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


Update 23 september 2012:

Check out my Wood Works Pinterest page, dedicated to reclaimed wood!


4 thoughts on “Reclaimed Wood Love: iDesign Sunday + Green Bloggin’

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  2. Hi, I came over from today’s Community Pool. I love the DIY reclaimed wood projects idea. I especially love the shelves on the wall with the picture frames.

    Where can one typically find reclaimed wood? What does one need to do to the wood to make it safe to use (no mold, bugs, etc.)?

    I feel inspired by the examples from this post, but I think a how-to might be more helpful. Maybe when you post your projects from the class you’re taking it might engage readers even more if you explain how you made them, including finding and prepping the wood.

    So glad I found your blog!

    • Hi Ziya! Thank you so much for your question, questions and comments are very inspiring to me because they force me to get out of my own head and look at what I’m doing in another way, specifically through how you wish to see it in this instance. I feel inspired to write a whole new followup blog post now since you asked about where to find wood, giving an explanation for how I created my wood works and for how-to’s. I hope you keep up with OWNG, I will definitely be taking your advice! Thank you =) -OWNG

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