Follow-up: Reclaimed Wood Love

While reading “Reshaping the Built Environment: Ecology, Ethics, and Economics,” edited by Charles J. Kibert (published 1999, Island Press), I ran across some good info relating to my last blog post.  Sunday’s iDesign + Green Bloggin’ post, “Reclaimed Wood Love,” talked about both the beauty and the sustainability of using reclaimed wood, and other reclaimed materials.  In a section of the book called “Resource Depletion,” it lists some alarming numbers which put our world wood usage into perspective.

“Forests are being depleted at an accelerating rate, from 40 percent of the earth’s land surface 1,000 years ago, to 30 percent in 1990, and only 20 percent at present (Bates 1990; Brown et al. 1996).  In addition to the loss of 1 acre of rainforest per second, temperate forests are being destroyed at an equally astonishing rate.  For example, each year 4 million hectares of forest in Siberia and 1 million hectares in Canada are being lost.”

This book was published in 1999, so I would like to find some more recent numbers to see if there has been any change, because the rate at which our forests are being wiped away is a scary one.  It makes me want to find all of the wood we’ve thrown away and try to use just that.  Alas, not everyone is going to jump on the “reclaimed wood love” wagon.  Therefore, as one who has read or skimmed over this, and one who wants to sustain our world (ya know, leave a little bit of “good” earth for our elderly years and for our offspring), I’m going to keep it simple.  Reduce.  REUSE.  Recycle.

And have a great day 🙂

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


Note on other books cited:

Bates 1990:

Bates, A.K. 1990. Climate in Crisis. Sydney: The Book Publishing Company.

Brown et al. 1996:

Brown, L.R., C. Flavin, and H. Kane. 1996. Vital Signs 1996. New York: W. W. Norton & Company.

Update 23 september 2012:

Check out my Wood Works Pinterest page, dedicated to reclaimed wood!


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