The Greeness of Emails: A letter to my Inbox

Yep.. I just created a word there! You’re probably used to that, though, seeing as how your red dotted lines of grammatical death always seem to find fault in them lol. Ok, so today I am taking the Weekly Writing Challenge, Email. So I’m going to use your particular skill sets, that is, if you don’t mind, of creating a letter that goes out into the webisphere. Yet another word.. I’m on a roll hahaha! Anyway, to those reading this, this email is being created via WordPress.coms’s awesome Post by Email feature. You should check it out.
Anywho, Email, I’ll keep it shawt… hahaha. reeeeddd lines. SHORT. Better?

This is just a note to say, THANKS!
You’ve provided a way out. Out of the mess which is junk mail. PHYSICAL junk mail.. You know, the kind they cut trees down for, the kind that people don’t really look at. Yea, that stuff. Its so much easier to click “Unsubscribe” once an email flies this way. What’s even better is that you keep it all organized for me! You really know when some mail I receive it just j.u.n.k. You toss it straight to the spam. Yes you do, you spam detecting little heart throb, you!!! You really rock, dude. Or dudette. I don’t judge. Oh, I’m sure you remember that time I worked the Opt Out table on campus. Well, you may not remember, but you received the confirmation. We should share that. Here goes:

If you’d like to opt out of junk mail being sent to your physical address, check out Operation Opt Out! It was a cool experience at my school where I got to volunteer by spreading the news about and signing people up to opt out of junk mail, which accounts for 41 pounds of poor little trees turned paper that a person receives in the form of junk mail each year. So, I want YOU to Opt Out.

That is all for now.. You know, Email, I interested to see how this looks once it leaves your draft mode and makes its debut on We shall see!
Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


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