LAN Article: Sweet Emotion

Well this little week has been a busy one.  Or I have been busy during this little week.. Potato, potato.. right?

Anywho, check out this short & sweet article over at Landscape Architects Network.  I wrote a short piece explaining how Frank Ocean’s song, “Strawberry Swing,” makes me feel connected to nature, and its featured in our MusicVibes section.

“When we were kids, we had painted strawberries on a swing.  Every moment was so precious then.  I’m still kicking, I’m daydreaming on a strawberry swing.”     – Frank Ocean, “Strawberry Swing”

Go check it out, let us know what you think!  And right here, in this very spot, I’d like to add this: go buy all of his music!  He is amazing.  I listen to his album Nostalgia Ultra all the time, and his new album, Channel Orange, stays in rotation on my iTunes!  He is THE artist right now.  All that, and a bag of chips! *commence 1990’s “All That” Nickelodeon theme song*  If you’re too young to know that them song, I feel sorry for you lolz.

Happy weekend to you all, and until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!



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