The Green Things: iDS + GB

Random OWNG Fact #1227 – Green is my favorite color.

Yea, I know we’ve skipped some numbers in the sequence, but read some previous posts, you’ll find plenty random fact about OWNG there.  Anyway, as green is my favorite color, I present you with some green green products!  Let the GREENING begin 🙂

Recycled, reusable & recyclable GREEN cups, brought to you by – the environmental store.

An iPhone back adhesive made from 100% post industrial skateboard material! Grove is making sure every drop of material is used with these one of a kind covers.

An eco-conscious super hero has arrived to lead the children of the upcoming generations! Writer Lara Bergen provides children with stories showing them how to turn “trash” into treasure.

Ooooh, just a little plant around your neck 🙂 Plastic lasts forever (well, a very long time), so designer Colleen Jordan saw fit to make it into an heirloom item.

These bike planters were also designed by creator Colleen Jordan.

You can always green up your day by visiting your local Farmers’ Market! With plants, veggies and an assortment of crafty items that are produced and created locally, buying from your local FM is as green as it gets!

There you have it!  Some simple green green things that can easily be incorporated into your everyday life!   Green is the new..  well, Green! =)

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!! 



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