Once Upon a Capital: Here&There

I’d like to introduce you to a new mini-series for OWNG, Here&There!  I absolutely love to travel, and I love to find quaint and unique places!  I must admit, my passport has only been stamped twice, and I haven’t quite covered all of the states here in the good ole’ U.S., but I definitely make the most of every adventure I go on.  I am a photo addict!  I have been that way since my aunt’s started purchasing me the roll-roll-roll*snap* cameras when I was a little girl!  I had pictures of moments from every family gathering, including those of my Barbie dolls!  Seeing as I love a good history story behind a building, this could definitely serve double duty as a history segment, too!  So without further adieu, the very first Here&There photo!  Du dudu duuuun!

Presbyterian Church at Historic Washington State Park. Photo taken by Addie Benson (OWNG) during Alternative Spring Break volunteer experience, Spring 2009.

Washington, Arkansas – home to the Historic Washington State Park – has always been called “Old Washington” by my family and other southwestern Arkansas natives.  I could tell stories for days about family reunions at Williams’ Tavern Restaurant and picking butter beans in my great-uncle’s garden out in Old Washington, but I suppose I’ll save that for another day 🙂  This 1 square mile time capsule of a piece of land has played important roles in Arkansas and American history.  It once served as the capital of Arkansas after Little Rock was taken over by the Union Army during the Civil War!  It is described as portraying buildings of the likes of “Southern Greek Revival and Federal architecture, Gothic Revival, Italianate, and those of hand-hewn timber framing or brace-frame cottage construction.” (source)  What I love about it most are the memories I have made here… making candles at the candle shop, sleeping at the 1914 Washington School house during Alternative Spring Break, and enjoying the Jonquil festival with all of its beautiful flowers and fried food!  Traveling isn’t just for the sake of saying (prepare for some southern drawl!), “Yeeeeesss darling, I am most well traveled.  I’ve seen the Pyramids of Giza and Atlantis!”  Atlantis?  “Yes daaaaling, Atlantis!  It’s so exclusive!”  But none of that matters if you never really take in the sites and the culture!  I guess going here, there and everywhere means the most when you are able to connect with the places you visit.  This is exactly what I love to do, and I cannot wait to share more of my Here&There with you!

Stay tuned for more Here&There with Old World New Girl.

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!! 🙂



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