Happy Hallow-Green!

Happy Hallow-Green, all!  Halloween is one of my favorite “holidays.”  Now, I don’t do candy… I am extremely sensitive to anything that is too sweet.  Halloween, for me, is all about the decorations (yes, I made a Halloween wreath) and costume!  What or who can I impersonate and embody for the night or weekend?  I start planning my costume as early as the end of June sometimes (no one thought that was absurd, right? Cool!).  I just love getting into character, it’s almost spiritual… in a weird, American, overly-commercialized holiday kind of way.  Speaking of commercialization, the National Retail Foundation projects that before this ghouly creepy crawly holiday is over, Americans will have spent a wopping $8 million overall, averaging only a few cents short of $80 per the 7/10 households that will participate!  That’s a lot of money y’all!  That is exactly why I’m presenting to you ~ Hallow-Green~  I realize now this would have been handy befooooore Halloween, to spark some creativity.  I suppose I’ll save that for next year.  But for now I’m just going to brag about being thrifty for Halloween.  Starting with a throw back!

Halloween 2007 – Gina, Elsa, & myself. Our costumes were created with our everyday clothes and accessories.. yes, even the glasses. 1 Razorback fan & 2 Secretaries. Simple, and effective!  Truly the work of design students 🙂

… and then the funny part of being secretaries – we had “The Boss”, it only made sense!  Plus, teaming up for Halloween gets your story across better.  The funny part.. haha.. is that we were “sexy”-taries…  (we were freshmen, don’t judge us).   Mind you, we were very classy!  So none of that skimpy outfit stuff, no ma’am, no sir!  Check us out.

The “Sexy”-taries (in their business attire from home), and the boss (in his Sunday best – all from home)!

It’s all about the story you tell, people!  Get it? You could glue together a lot of batting (the fluffy stuff inside of pillows) and call yourself the Abdominal Snowman – as long as you make it believable!

This year was just as much fun.  Even hundreds of miles away, design students will never fail to get creative.  Check out my & Gina’s costumes, five years later!

21st century Marilyn Monroe! With a gold gown (thrift store find! – $50) that I originally purchased for a pageant, and a pair of petite elbow length gloves (thrift store – $18) – I was Marilyn for a night! I wore shoes and make up that I already owned.  A few google & youtube searches helped me with those pin curls – I used almost all of my bobby pins at once to achieve this! Talk about a transformation! It was so much fun portraying her! Even though I almost spent the dreaded $80 mentioned above, it was not for One Night Only.  The dress can be used for more than Halloween (and believe you me, it will get worn again!).  Those gloves will also come in handy – they’re right up my style alley!  And the best part? No random outfit stuck in the back of my closet that I refuse to wear ever again because I already wore it “Halloween ’12!”

Gina: “The character is called a Creeper, its a very annoying exploding MOB (Monster) from the game Minecraft. (Nerd warning!!) They sneak up behind you and start hissing, and if you don’t kill them in like 3 seconds, they EXPLODE and destroy whatever is around them, which likely took a good amount of the player’s time to build! Not to mention the explosion is often lethal!For the costume, I actually used Photoshop to make an enlargement of the pixels/colors from an image I found on google, but it wouldn’t have been difficult to paint. I got mine printed at FedEx, 2 12in x 24in panels and the face is a square foot (cost $32, so I kinda wish I had chosen paint). Then I rubber cemented the prints to black foam core, cut it with the exacto, and taped some string! I used a scrap of the foam core for the mask handle.
The Photoshop part took me about an hour, but only because my computer was acting up. Then I picked up the prints, and glued/cut in about 2 hours, because I was making dinner and watching Desperate Housewives simultaneously! This was a superdy duper low-stress costume.
Now I’ll get to wear comfy jeans (possible black sweats if I’m feeling REALLY lazy come Halloween) and a t-shirt, and still have a bomb costume.”

So there you have it.  Reused, reusable, and simple costumes with great stories behind them!  Keeping it simple always seems to win.  I hope some of you in the blogosphere made time to concoct your own delicious outfits.  If so, share them here or on twitter!  #HallowGreen @OldWorldNewGirl

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!



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