My First Interview!

Okay, so they title is a little vague, but long titles can be … blah. Right?  The situation at hand:  I conducted my first interview as a writer for Landscape Architects Network!  I usually write articles, and I’ve gotten into the groove of writing Top 10 articles – for some reason, I feel more comfortable with them.  So when I saw this opportunity posted in our team’s community board, I wanted to take the challenge!  And let me teeeeeell you, I was nervous about it.  I researched how to conduct interviews, and read a lot that was helpful.  The most helpful part?  Just DOING IT!  I don’t know why I don’t take my own advice sometimes… I even have “Nikn” tattooed on myself – it is the greek word for victory, and has link to the greek god Nike Athena, and the shoe company Nike, whose motto is JUST DO IT, and happens to be my favorite quote.  There’s a mouthful of advertising for ya!  Anywho… I’m all off subject.  Check out the article I wrote after interviewing the guys, Brian & Jason, at Good Fucking Design Advice.  It really was an honor to interview them and learn more about them and the background of their amazing website!

Some writers from Landscape Architects Network taking the GFDA pledge.

Check out the article here.

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!



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