Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Woooah, where have you been?

Haha, no.  It was me.

I’ve been in the “post mid-semester slump” – just a general state of being lost and surviving day to day with homework and projects and quizzes and projects and, oh, tests… Yea.  Anywho, in my “media” box (because, ya know, it’s not my inbox) this afternoon there was a sweet little Weekly Photo Challenge posted by WordPress’s “The Daily Post,” and the subject is green (my favorite color)!  It spoke to my soul (beacon of light slowly grazes by, commence angelic singing) *aaaaaahhhhhh*.  It said “get back to your blogging, me’lady.”  Don’t ask where that accent came from… maybe because Scotland is so wonderfully green and Scottish accents are just awesome?  I’m not sure.  Moving on – what better way to get back in the blogging groove than to post some photos (y’all know I love photos) of what Green means to Me!  Enjoy! =)

1. volunteering is green to me – stimulating your community by giving back.  how great is that?  economically sustainable.

2. italian palazzos and formal gardens.  that’s lush! verde!

3. solar energy.  green, yo.

4. sometimes where I sleep is green.

5. my campus in the spring and summer.  Woo Pig Sooie!

6. algae is pretty green.

7. and so is plankton…  random.

8. 1/3 of the Italian flag.

9. my friends and I.. around the Christmas tree. which you actually can’t really see. because we’re kinda loca.

10. the spoon in this gelato.  Stracciatella. Neon.

11. veggies in preparation for pasta primavera.

So yea.. Green is awesome and I miss Italy.  That about sums it up!

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!! =)



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