Goodbye, Green Blogger!

Now it’s time to say gooooood byyyye. To Greeee-ee-eee-eeen Bloggin’!  G-r-een.  B-l-ogger.  Comp-e-ti-i-tion!  I know y’all remember the tune from Mickey Mouse Club! If not, youtube it! That doesn’t make me old.  I’m only 24 years minus 9 days old – yaaaye birthday sooooon. And finals! 3 on the day after my birthday.  But, I digress.

This here post marks the final entry on my behalf for the Green Blogger competition.  Instead of blogging about it, I decided to VLOG about it, and some fellow students joined in.  The video tells all – check it out!

I truly hope you’ve enjoyed the Green Bloggin’ as much as I have enjoyed it!  It’s been a fun theme to have this semester, as well as right up my educational alley!  Why not compete & learn?  Great combo!  Check out all of my Green Blogger  competition posts here.

Keeping in the Mickey Mouse Club spirit.. *”C” ya real soon!  Why?  Because I LIKE you!*

And as always…

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!



3 thoughts on “Goodbye, Green Blogger!

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