Palazzo Pitti e Giardino di Boboli: Here&There

Welcome to another installment of “Here&There!”  It’s not quite one of those “Under the Tuscan SUN” days, but this chilly and dreary March 2011 day in Florence, Tuscany did not fail to amaze me.  This 15th century Renaissance style palace – Palazzo Pitti – once served as home to the Medici family, and they were kind of a big deal (learn your Italian history, folks).  I knew about the Medici family before I even knew I wanted to be an architect!  Thank you, History Channel.  The Boboli garden, once so private that the Medici family didn’t even use it to entertain, is an axial beaut’ situated behind the palace!  It was the main attraction when my class visited.  Check out a few of my pictures here:

Palazzo Pitti flower.. boboli boboli flowers and greenery stairs at Boboli Garden

These photos remind me of a goal I have, somewhat like a New Year Resolution, but more like a long-term goal.  I want to invest in a nice camera and become better at photographing architecture, interiors and landscapes!  I would also like to become better at editing photographs in Photoshop.  Yaye for goals, they are exciting once steps to achieve them are set in place… now to get this camera, hmmmmmm.

Well, until next time – Ci Vediamo!!!



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