OWNG is Turning 1!!!

Hello out there!  I hope you have been making the most of every day in this new year!  Old World New Girl has had an exciting past 11 month of blog life, and there are major plans in the works for making the upcoming year just as awesome!  In February 2012, this blog was started just as a class assignment for me, Addie (check out my About section).  February 2013 will mark OWNG’s first “birthday!”

OWNG is turning 1

I never thought it would have been so much fun just talking and sharing images about what I love!  It is amazing to see that so many other people love it to!  The best part of it all was entering a blogging competition for sustainability at my school, and winning it!  It was a great birthday/Christmas present, too (December babies, getting older equals the conjoining of these holidays lol).  Winning was just more fuel to the fire to keep me going here, even though I had no plans of stopping, don’t you worry your sweet little head about that!  (Sparta voice) OWNG SHALL LIVE ON!!! =)

Over the next few days I will be featuring some of my favorite posts from the past 11 months, and I hope you check them out.  Leave comments.  Comments are goooood.  Yea.  Anywho, I must get back to some school work.  It is my final semester as an undergraduate (can you say Ex-ci-ted?!?!) and the work load is picking up… never mind that it is just the second week!  No complaint, though, because me classes are pretty awesome!  I have a nice big serving of sustainability/architecture/preservation, topped with some fresh architecture structure (the second generation), with a juicy side of Italian and a dash of French for flavor.  Yes, I just described my classes as if they were food.  Me thinks me might be hungry, dear.  I digress.

Go LIKE the OWNG Facebook page to follow the countdown of my favorite articles over the past 11 months, leading up to some great and exciting new content.

As always, until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!



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