Who says that Old Things Can’t be Nice?

This post relates to.. well.. Old things.

Because I love old things, thats why.

Artists Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have redefined music for me, and I like it! (now you’re thinking, “What’s that got to do with anything?”… Keep reading, my friend)  They sing/rap about and produce music that is flat out straight forward with whatever message they are trying to get across to you.  It helps that Macklemore is almost 6 feet tall with an adorably handsome face and raspy rapper voice with lyrics that can woo you, make you laugh and also make you think.. but I digress.  I am presenting him to you because of the one song that made me listen to him in the first place, and its all about old things and, repeat it with me, we know Old World New Girl Loves old things!  Ladies & gents, welcome Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in their single, “Thrift Shop.”

(not job or kid friendly)


The point:  I like old clothes, old houses, old warehouses turned into apartments, old artwork, old recipes, old old old stuff..  Thrift shopping more than a hobby or a hipster phase for me.  I’ve been thrifting since I was a tot, yo!  Although I still shop at the mall, too (I feel you judging me, stop it… I shop in the sales racks, too).  I feel that I make my best outfits, and therefore feel my best, when I can mix and match my old and new clothes and accessories.

This also happens to be my philosophy on architecture, interior design, and sustainability.  I think they are all best achieved when you mix some old with some new.  It is evident in previous posts like these:

1. Giving them some good ole Old World Charm, it works every time (insert huge, obvious wink here.)

2. Bringing the Outside In & incorporating old landscapes with new Organic Architecture

3. Some Reclaimed Wood

and the ultimate

4. Ingenious designs when Old design meets New design, Old + New = Ingenious

If I had a favorite of the above four, I would tell you which.  But, I don’t.  Therefore, you should now be curious to see what each of the links contain.  The small voice in your head is telling you to click the links, click the links, click the links.  You can hear it, too, huh?  Good 🙂  Anywho… who says that old things can’t be nice?  Have you been thrifting or redesigning any historical architectural landmarks lately?  Well, you should.  Ok, so I know the redesigning part is a little bit far fetched, but looking is fine.  Check out the links above! There’s that voice again!  Shucks.  I guess we should get off of here before you hear it again… So click the links above.

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!

P.S.  Don’t forget, Old World New Girl is turning ONE in February (yes, my blog has a birthday)!  So click the next link >OWNG is Turning 1!< to learn more about this one year celebration!  😀


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.  It’s a Lifestyle that matters.


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