Gateway to the West: Here&There

It is Day 11 in the countdown until Old World New Girl (the blog)’s 1st birthday, and I have been busy enjoying my best friend and family as we prepare for my new godson!  I love days like this, where the only thing that matters is enjoying the people you love.

On a totally unrelated, yet important note: If you are unfamiliar with this relatively new “Here&There” mini series on OWNG, I share photos I’ve taken (or photos taken of me) in the different places I’ve visited.   Today, I give you the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, also known as the Gateway to the West, and also known simply as the Gateway Arch.  I visited it a few years ago (2009) as an interior design major.  See my pics below.

day 2 - gateway to the west 2 ed

day 2 - gateway to the west 1 ed
day 2 - gateway to the west 3 ed

Three OWNG facts learned from today that you can add to your file of OWNG facts (no need to be ashamed, I know you’re keeping them.  I would, too, haha =)

3.  My family and friends mean the world to me, therefore you will more than likely see text about or photos of them.  Cherish the moments with me =)

4.  I love to travel and I love to visit places I’ve never been before and dive into the real culture of an area.  On a recent trip to Houston, I learned a great way to do that is by visiting the thrift shops there!  So there old things go, saving the day again.  Touristy areas are fun, too, though.

5.  I love being high above the ground.  The ride to the top of the Gateway Arch and the view from within was amazing; I didn’t want to leave.  Take me to the tallest building, put me on the craziest carnival ride that free falls through the air, or put me on a plane.  Let me be free to fly and see the world from on high!

There are 10 days left in this awesome countdown, and I’m still excited!  I hope you’re getting excited, too!  OWNG is soon to be 1!  Happy 12 Days of OWNG to you!

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!



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