The Green View: “Garbage Warrior”

The countdown is steadily winding down!  Today marks the 3rd day in the 12 Days of OWNG birthday/blogday countdown celebration (I love coming up with new words).  I bring tidings of a new mini-series/segment: “The Green View.”

There are so many documentaries that exist about how people are working to save the world.  I recently saw this list of  documentaries by Films for Action for the Top 100 Documentaries Inspiring the Shift to a Sustainable Paradigm.  I immediately thought, “How awesome would it be if I could highlight one of these documentaries per week, and complete half the list by the end of the year?!”  Then, I remembered I am a full time student.  That won’t stop me, though.  Slowly, but surely, I will highlight documentaries on this list and other documentaries as I learn about them.  How great technology is, having been created to allow us human-kind folks to share information, so I plan to do just that!  If I learn about a great film, I will share it with you.

First up in The Green View segment is “Garbage Warrior.”   New Mexico architect Michael Reynolds has experimented with creating self sufficient homes from “garbage” since the 1970s.  Lo and behold, laws that control how people can construct buildings and subdivisions in NM got in the way (ok, so Reynolds broke some laws), and they shut him down!  This type of struggle exists between government departments and regular people who are trying to change the world.  It always has, and unfortunately, it probably always will.  I am in no way condemning the laws that were in place that stopped Reynolds; they were created to establish safety and to an extent, to help the city and state thrive.  The issue is when law makers then use the power of these existing laws to impede progress.  Reynolds showed that no law could stop his progress, and even when they thought they had him stopped, he got involved in the law making process himself.  This 90 minute documentary is an inspiration to me because I know that it will take a lot of change in laws and the way Americans think in order to make this country and world more sustainable.  I hope to be a great fighter for a more resilient world, just as Michael Reynolds and those who helped him are.

9 days left, the 9th day being the 1 year blogday of OWNG!

As a reminder of who OWNG is, here are the facts (see previous facts in other 12 Days of OWNG 2013 posts):

6.  I love to make up my own words, i.e. “blogday” (see above), “Un-Sustainability,” “Hallow-Green” (associated with Halloween), and “Green Bloggin’,” adapted from my university’s Green Blogger competition.

7.  I won that competition! =)

That is all.  Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!



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