OWNG Born Day

It’s someone’s birthday today.. Hmmmm…. Oh, stop the press, WAIT! Old World New Girl had been in existence and with a steady stream blog posts Here & There for a whole year now!!! And guess what else?! My second godson was born yesterday!!! It just so happens to be a weekend when I was traveling – he was suppose to become before or after, but hey, he has a mind of his own, and his není (that would me me) can’t complain about that!
So, I bet you’re wondering what gifts OWNG got for her bday? Yes, my blog is a girl. Just as my phone and computers are boys, and this wonderful *The Price is Right voice* NEW CAMERA is a girl. Well, with special thanks to the University of Arkansas’s Office for Sustainability and Quality Writing Center, I (I suppose that means me and my blog) was able to get a new camera!!! *insert happy dance* I’m so excited about it because I love to share my own pictures with you all! Since I traveled to a new place this weekend – one on my Take me there, I wanna go there list – photos are soon to come. For now, check out what my Mr. iPhone did. He’s great like this. Anywho, until I sit still and get some homework done, Ci Vediamo!!!



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