A Fashionable Weekend

fashionable weekend

Big events call for big fashion, right?  Earlier this month I celebrated Rome, Italy… Yes, I celebrate it once a year to remember the good times with my friend Alice!  Studying abroad was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and it shall not go without celebration.

I also attended my school’s 2nd annual Caribbean Students Association (CSA) banquet.  I became involved with CSA as a sophomore because I saw them perform a dance at a culture show – and as much as I love dancing – I went right up to them (with some friendly encouragement, I haven’t always been as bold as I am now haha) and said I wanted to be apart of their crew.  From there I became actively involved as Secretary and eventually VP.  I love absolutely love the Caribbean culture that my classmates have show me 🙂  Now to the outfits.

A Casual Friday outfit includes a loose fitting, colorfully patterned top, the best denim your closet has to offer with a cute belt your Aunt let you borrow 2 years ago 😉 and those dance shoes you got from the thrift store!  Then, you should go to a great restaurant with your Rome buddy, or someone that is as equally awesome as you, either one works, really.  Proceed to eat well, and have a photo shoot.  Be a tourist in your own town!  Check it out!

Now on to a Savvy Saturday!  A Saturday banquet deserves a fancy cocktail dress, obtained at a college student friendly price (that’s right, $15!), some shiny things like a large scarf to cover your shoulders and dangly earrings, a great pair of animal print heels, some over the top eyeliner, and a SMILE!  Yes, that is a lot – but it is a Savvy Saturday!!!  Have a photo shoot, again.  In your own mirror.  Because selfies are awesome 🙂

There you have it, an easy fashionable weekend!  It is safe to say that I love blue 🙂 If you like any of the outfits here, I will be selling some of my lightly worn pieces soon, so be on the lookout for a blog post or facebook post about that!

Thanks & love to you all!  Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


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