So You’ve Never Eaten Sushi?

Sushi Newbie

I consider myself to be a lover of all foods.  I will try anything once, and I am not ashamed to let you all know that some of my favorite dishes are.. well, they don’t come from McDonald’s!  Nigerian stewed tripe (cow stomach): yum.  Calamari and escargot: double yum!

But I digress.  I come to you all today to admit that I am a 20-something American woman that, until recently, has never consumed sushi.  “How did that happen?!”  you may ask.  Simple:  I am allergic to rice.  We shan’t go into the details of the allergy, they’re… ugly.  But alas, I was invited to celebrate my friend’s birthday at a local sushi spot, and I saw this as my big moment.  I was going to find a rice-less sushi, and I was going to try it!  I figured I’d get a head start by delving (googling) into the anatomy of sushi.  I eagerly typed “sushi” in the search bar, and wikipedia had rice as the first ingredient listed.  So I was all, “Woe is me, I’ll never be able to eat sushi!”  (2.7 seconds later) After regaining my composure I decided to keep my head up and attended the celebration, and *insert mysterious music* I learned of one sushi roll that had no rice… and its name was “Sex & the City.”  Bow chika wow wow!! 

The result: I  tried it, and I LOVED it!  Bonus points: Food allergy averted, discovery of an awesome new dish & desire to want to find more sushi that I can eat!  #Winning on all possible levels.

Always try new things!

Whether it be a food you aren’t sure of, a sport you’ve never heard of (capoeira), or a band you thought you’d never listen to because that genre is wack.. you will never know what you like until you try it!

Share it with OWNG

Leave a comment below or post a picture on the OWNG facebook page of something new you’ve tried and either can’t get enough of or will never try it again.  Let me know about some awesome sushi that is made without rice and I’ll love you forever.  But who am I kidding, I already do *insert huge grin*

Until next time, my adventurous darlings, Ci Vediamo!!!



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