Taste, Trend, Topic: Refashioned

“there’s nothing new under the sun”

There’s the old saying that says “there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9).  We’re all just borrowing from past generations and making things our own.  That’s absolutely cool with me because it is sustainable to an extent.  Being the youngest of 7, I adore hand-me-downs.  Free clothes, you say?  Yes, please.  Thank you!  Oh you want to buy a new phone and give me your old one… aren’t you just the best big sister in the world?  Yes you are!  And let’s just graze the subject of thrifting – *I’m gonna pop somet tags, only got $20 in my pocket!*  What’s old to someone else can be new to you!


There are endless possibilities to refashioning something new out of something old.  Take architecture, for instance.  Old buildings can be made new through creative design.  This week’s T³ (Taste, Trend, Topic) is focused on refashioning new things unique to you out of old things.


Let’s take an old recipe or dish and make it new.  My papa (my favorite chef) made smothered potatoes to perfection.  While I can’t exactly replicate the perfectness that was his smothered potatoes, I have refashioned his recipe so that I can make my own!  Check out the smothered potatoes recipe!

The best part about smothered potatoes is that they go well with any dish, or alone as a snack.  They are good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and that 4th meal!  Try them with your favorite meal and let me know how they taste!


This summer I plan on making a few of my own shirts, so for one I found this DIY: simple loose crossback shirt video on youtube to instruct me on a neat and easy pattern.  I then headed to the thrift store to look for shirts made from interesting fabrics that I could transform into a new shirt.  The awesome thing about finding shirts from the thrift store for refashioning is that you can get them in almost any size.  The 2 shirts I wanted to refashion wouldn’t fit me as the were, but they worked perfectly together in a new altered shirt.


Up-and-coming producer “Da Black Rebel” creates music beats by sampling songs from around the world.  What makes his beats even more special is the character added by him sampling fun things like Kung Fu movies and spiritual things like chanting monks. The man behind the musics had this to say:

I approach music the same way I approach writing–it is emotion driven. I take what I know and refashion it through my perspectives. I’ve just started out but I want the world to know that I will continue to try my best and see what she thinks of it.

Check out Da Black Rebel on facebook to stay in the know about all of his music!

you have officially been T³: refashioned!

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


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