Loft Living

the homes that southern dreams are made of

I’m not your “big city” type of girl.  I like the progressive thinking of a college city (I’ve lived in a college city the majority of my life), but deep down in my heart, I am a good ole southern gal.  That’s right:  pea pickin’, corn shuckin’, horseback ridin’, gas stove lightin’, firecracker poppin’, watermelon seed shootin’, front porch sittin’ kind of gal.  I dream of wrap-around porches, screen doors, natural light galore, gardens in the back, fancy chicken coops with fancy pet-able chicken, and sweet tea.

city slicker dreams of a loft

If I ever choose to live in a big city – and abandon my dreams of a victorian or plantation style house with a wrap-around porch and a garden full of the best veggies out back – I’d want to be “loft living.”  Not just any new loft that’s been slapped up quickly and auctioned off at the highest price.  My loft would have to have some crazy history – maybe it was originally the site for the first company to assemble aircraft parts in the second world war, or maybe it was a textile plant in the early 1900s.  Next, the original character of the building must be preserved!  Sustainably preserved, might I add.  A solar panel here and there never hurt anyone (although you should all know that solar panels are not the only way to be sustainable).  Lastly, it would just have to be kick-ass rad.  The perfect combination of old character, charm (see the owng definition of old world charm) and history ~ with a modern twist.

Something like these:

SoHo Factory turned Family Home

Read more about the SoHo Factory Home.

Welding Factory turned New York style Loft

Read more about the Welding Factory turned Loft.

Cement Factory turned Loft

Check out my previous post about Ricardo Bofilli’s Cement Factory turned Home.

That’s all, folks!  Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


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