Fashionably Late: Elegant Thrift Fashion

First & foremost… I graduated!

grad celebrate

Thrifty and Elegant

I’m madly obsessed with thrifting and finding awesome clothes, both new and old, at thrift and vintage resale stores.  For my college graduation, there was no way I was going to wear some common recently manufactured outfit.  I chose to express myself the way I love to: elegant thrift fashion style.  While in Houston in January, a friend told me about Replay on 19th Street.  When I say I fell in love… I fell in love with this store, y’all!  It is full of clothes sorted by decades, and so many shoes, clutches, purses, hats, and odds and ends.  It is a lovely blast from the past located on along a strip of stores that looks like something you’d see in a 1950s picture of “downtown.”  It was at Replay that I found the dress of my dreams for graduation.  The cream colored moire (watermark) fabric was so rich!   It had beautiful details such as a bright red velvet waist sash, a high collar with a jeweled pendant in the center, as well as two loops with jeweled pendants for the sash to pass through.

1950s moire dress from Replay on 19th Street

1950s moire dress from Replay on 19th Street

My shoes were a find from last summer.  Used 2B New, a local resale shop, is where I found these gorgeously patterned, thick heeled bad girls for $5!!!  I’m not sure how old they are, they seem “young,” but they have a dash of old charm to them.  I only wore them once before graduation, but after I found my dress, I knew the two were destined to create a love child outfit!

$5 thrifted shoes that made my graduation outfit complete

$5 thrifted shoes that made my graduation outfit complete

The Photo Shoot

One of my sisters is a photographer, and produced some lovely pictures from my graduation day.  Check me out modeling this elegant thrift fashion (while rocking some pin curls)!

How can YOU piece together a look like this?

• Find pieces you love and even if they don’t go with anything you have in your closet right now, save them for a day because they’ll come together in an outfit.  Some call this hoarding, I call it thinking ahead 😉

Save a picture of your favorite pieces in your phone – this will come in handy when you thrift at different times in different locations.

Try it on!  This goes for any type of shopping.  If you like a piece even just a little, try it on to see how it works for you.  You may be surprised and find that you love it!

• In traditional Old World New Girl style, mix old with new!

No matter the occasion, thrifted finds make for excellent outfits.  What are your favorite thrifting finds?  Do you have questions about finding those perfect pieces at thrift stores?  Comment/Ask below!

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!!!



14 thoughts on “Fashionably Late: Elegant Thrift Fashion

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  2. Beautiful! You look so happy! 😀 That dress rocks!!
    Congrats on graduating! I only finished my first year at community college so far, still not sure about a career

    • Thanks, doll! It was a joyous day =D congrats on finishing up your first year! My advice is to listen to your heart regarding your career, it won’t lead you astray. And if you ever want to talk about it, let me know! I love helping folks in that aspect =)

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