Italy Week: Italian Churches

Italian Churches

When one thinks of Italy, first thoughts often include good food (thanks for inventing pizza and pasta), beautiful, lush scenery, and architecture, of course!  While studying abroad in Italy I learned about architecture by exploring the city and documenting the works of architects through classes taught by some amazing Italian architect professors.  There were so many basilicas and chiesas (churches) that made up a good portion of our learning material.  There was no better feeling than being able to enter a church, learn about its architect and history, and sketch and photograph its details.  That first hand experience was priceless!  Take a gander at my 5×7 Italian churches for Italy Week:  5 churches, 7 pictures each.

La Basilica di San Famiano a Gallese, Lazio region, Italy

St. Peter’s Basilica – Rome, Lazio region, Italy

Basilica di San Zeno – Verona, Vento region, Italy

Santa Maria del Fiore – Florence, Italy

Santa Maria della Salute – Venice, Italy


Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


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