Photos: Silent Films

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Recently I went on a photo exploration with Kentrell (Life in re:VIEW blog + flashedwin tumblr), and we explored Dickson St, which is one of the main valves of the city of Fayetteville. We got some nice shots while wandering down an alley, as alleys are always full of random interesting things, right? On the back side of the building, a random guy sees me and tells me about the abandoned interior. We were in the alley of what used to be a movie theater, and he offered to show us around! Of course, I get all giddy because – “architecture, interiors, photography, OH MY!” Absolute creative haven.

Abandoned Theater

It is interesting to think of how lively the theater may have been back in the day. I wonder how many people had their first kiss there, or saw their first motion picture there. Maybe it was segregated. Maybe brown people weren’t even allowed inside. Who knows? Alls I know is that I was über excited to walk around in a dark and dusty building with little pieces of history just chilling around. My photos are below, and give Kentrell’s Flickr photos a look-see, too! abandoned-theater-1 abandoned-theater-2 abandoned-theater-3 abandoned-theater-4 abandoned-theater-5 abandoned-theater-6 abandoned-theater-7 abandoned-theater-8 abandoned-theater-9 abandoned-theater-10 abandoned-theater-11 abandoned-theater-12 abandoned-theater-13 abandoned-theater-14 abandoned-theater-15 abandoned-theater-16 abandoned-theater-17 abandoned-theater-18 Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


7 thoughts on “Photos: Silent Films

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    • Yaye, welcome Katharine! Thank you! Haha, I think they were too busy enjoying the little things in life to worry about profiting off of the next person! You’re mighty welcome, come back soon for more! =)

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