Taste, Trend, Topic: Fayetteville Farmers’ Market

fayetteville farmers’ market


On any given day of the week, the Fayetteville Square is a thing of beauty, be it winter, spring, summer or fall.  Starting in late spring, early on every Saturday morning, Fayetteville Farmer’s Market (FFM) is a magical experience.  Although the fresh and locally grown food is the major attraction, the market is full of life with families and friends exploring the shops that have sprung to life on the Fayetteville square that morning.


A farmer’s market is all about the fresh food!  Locally grown, shiny, fresh deliciousness.  It is great to try new food that you know absolutely nothing about.  My friend’s parents own a booth, and he introduced me to daikon, an Asian radish, and kohlrabi, a German cabbage.  It was a lot of fun to experiment with those in the kitchen, and they definitely have expanded my food knowledge.


This trend isn’t about fashion.  I believe the one “trend” that is ever present at a farmers’ market is love.  The food is grown with love, the animals are little fur balls of love, the crafts were created with love, and when I get home, I will definitely love whatever I happened to purchase.  “Love is all we need.” – The Beatles.


Live Music is IT! By IT, I mean it is everything!  There is no other feeling like standing in front of someone as they share the gift of their beautiful voice.  Some Saturdays, there is a band/musician on every corner of the FFM.  Check out this lovely lady that I heard when I was there.  Her name is Brittany Moore (facebook), and she has a heaven-sent voice!  Listen up here, and check all of her videos out on her youtube.

Get out this Saturday morning and visit the Fayetteville Farmers’ Market – I may see you there!

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


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