Fashionably Late | Patterned Maxi Dress

Max it Out

Maxi dresses are wonderful one piece glamorous outfits that are in style throughout spring, summer and fall.



Romancing the Stone / Earthbound Trading Company has always been a fun store for me to explore because it has bits and pieces that are influenced by different cultures from all over the world.  We all know this here  new girl LOVES things from all over this here  old world! (You see what I did there? Lol).  This past weekend my family celebrated my nephew’s 1st birthday outdoors with a bounce house and Elmo decorations galore (check out the Elmo cupcake ring I’m rocking up above and the sweet Aunti/nephew moment below).

the birthday boy & I

the birthday boy & I

This maxi dress (100% polyester) wasn’t too hot and it felt perfect in the breeze that alleviated some of sweating caused by the Texas heat.  It also worked as I played cameralady and picker-upper to any toddler that felt the need to be picked up at any given moment.  Comfort + ease + beauty are the recipe for an awesome outfit, if you ask me!

Check out the Earthbound Trading Company fashion website if you love tribal prints, flowing fabrics, and one of a kind pieces to mix and match with your modern or vintage wardrobe, including accessories.


Also, a special shoutout to my baby cousins that I got to spend the day with.  They aren’t quite babies anymore, but they’ll always be my big babies.  They chose my nail decoration and were my creative directors (although reluctantly) in my mini photo shoot =)

top: 2008, bottom: 2013

top: 2008, bottom: 2013

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


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