Fashionably Late | Nothing to Wear

work with what ya’ got


First night out in Dallas, what to wear, what to wear??? The first thought that crossed my mind: “I need new shoes.. Wait, no, I need new everything!” Absurd, right? Especially for the frugal, sustainable woman in me. So I raided my closet and combined some old with some new, because thats what Old World New Girl does best =)

… and the winning look is:

A shirt I purchased one or two years ago. I call it lacy, but it is just a sheer textured pattern. The skirt is new, I got it from Romancing the Stone at the same time I purchased this patterned maxi dress. It wasn’t the best for dancing, but it has pockets (fun!) and the pattern and color are gorgeous. The shirt and skirt worked so well together! The shoes are thrifted Vera Wang, and were a graduation present from one of my mentors that shares my love of thrifting.


it has pockets!


I love the rounded side hem.


the pattern of the shirt and skirt may be different colors, but they flow right into each other beautifully.


no mini-skirts over here! the skirt still provides a lady-like length while seated.


bombshell (wind in my eyes and hair every where) pose =)

Add to this outfit some fun make up by BH Cosmetics and Mac, and rounded stiletto nails with OPI nail polish – I had a winning look! No shopping involved!


yellows and greens from the BH Cosmetics 88 neutral eyeshadows palette


I love the neutral “San Tan Tonio” from the OPI Nail Laquer Texas Collection. It is very fitting =)

I used curl formers for the first time and a dryer for the first time in a LONG time to achieve those bumpin' Shirley Temples!

I used curl formers for the first time and a dryer for the first time in a LONG time to achieve those bumpin’ Shirley Temples!


BH Cosmetics eyeshadow, MAC eyebrow pencil & creme eyeliner, and OPI nail polish

Roxy Dallas

I call this piece, “Addie in Red.” Lol =) This is a quick selfie I took when we got to Roxy Dallas. Ooooh, selfie love ❤ Roxy was an intimate space with a great DJ for hip hop/rap lovers. The VIP section looked really nice, and there are also reservable tables. It definitely left a great impression on me as this was my first night out in Dallas.


Fashion Lesson of the Day

Truly analyze your closet before you think all hope is lost. Or, instead of purchasing an entirely new outfit, pick out some of your favorite pieces in your closet – like a skirt and a pair of heels – and only buy one piece, in this case a blouse, to complete the look. This will keep you frugal and sustainable like Old World New Girl!

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


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