Exploring Kimbell Art Museum

Architecture, Art, Fashion

This past weekend my sister, my niece and I went to explore Kimbell Art Museum. Being an architecture lover, Louis Khan is a big deal, so I had to make Kimbell my first Dallas museum experience.  Check it out!


The genius of Louis Kahn.  Sexy concrete… I love concrete when it is used well.  Travertine, it put me back in Italy for a second.  And the slivers of light.  This building is straight to the point, and sexy.  I can’t wait to explore the new addition when it opens in November. That is all.  Read more about the architecture of Kimbell Art Museum.



Shirt: Something Urban

Skirt: thrifted!!

Shoes: borrowed

I’m so excited to finally have had my first Dallas museum experience, and so glad it was with Kahn, Michelangelo, Mondrian and a host of other distinguished artists that once graced this earth.  Have you been to the Kimbell?  What is your favorite part of it?  Or do you have another museum and art piece that you absolutely love?  Tell me all about it – comment below!

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


3 thoughts on “Exploring Kimbell Art Museum

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