How to Thrift | 5 Tips You Need to Know

“I Be At Thrift Stores Like…”

I’ll say it again like I’ve said it before – Macklemore made a great thrift guide in the form of song, but I have some more tips to share with you today, the Old World New Girl way!

these cool kids approve

these cool kids approve

Thrift stores have so many treasures, some in plain site and some hidden.  But does the thought of thrifting terrify you?  Or maybe when you go thrifting you feel like you can never come up on those “great finds” that people who love to thrift always talk about?


Well, my dear, listen up.  With patience, and these 5 Tips, you too can become the owner of some great thrifty items!

Plan your Thrifting Strategy


military cat. because thrifting is serious.

Plan a thrifting day or a block of time to dedicate only to thrifting.  Giving yourself time to browse every nook and cranny of a thrift store’s clothing sections yields better results.  If you feel rushed at a thrift store, you will either think there is nothing there for you, or you will buy something that you’ll soon regret.  Neither is a good outcome.

Expect the Unexpected

finding goodies at thrift stores leaves me like this.. oh how I love the surprises!

finding goodies at thrift stores – that’s that ish I do like!

Minimal expectations are good expectations.  A big imagination and an open mind are even better!  You never know what you can find at thrift stores.  But you must remember that thrift stores are not like department stores – you can’t go in and expect to see something on a mannequin and then find it in your size.  Every piece is unique.  You also shouldn’t go with the mindset of finding an exact piece of clothing.  You can keep the idea of a particular item in the back of your mind, and if you find it, great!  If not, you won’t be disappointed.

Dress the Part

"sweat pants, hair tied, limited makeup on..." & I be like "Okaiii, I'm ready!!"

“sweat pants, hair tied, limited makeup on…” & I be like “Okaiii, I’m ready!!”

Dress comfortably and wear minimal makeup and a hairstyle that won’t be absolutely ruined by changing clothes often – the try out process.  But I mean, if you can run around in heels with a pooch in one hand and a latte in the other at thrift stores, more power to ya.  Do it big!  I’ll stick to my #bumswag… ‘cuz when you got it, you just got it!

Step Outside the Box

that's right.. back it on up out of that box you're stuck in.

that’s right.. back it on up out of that box you’re stuck in.

Search outside of your “department.”  Go to the boys section and find a pair of old high waist jeans to transform into a nice pair of shorts.  Check out those 2-piece grandma swagger suits with the loud prints.  They are great for cutting and redesigning, or wearing the pieces separately as a new outfit’s statement piece.  Search the entire store, not just the areas that you normally automatically go to.

Try it On

try on all the things!! and dance around like this.

try on all the things!! and dance around like this.

Try It On!!! Seriously, try it on.  You never know what could be perfect for you unless you do!  If you don’t try it on, you could miss out on the perfect.

And again… I be at thrift stores like…

Check out the hashtag #iBeAtThriftStoresLike on Instagram for more of my thrifting shenanigans!

Until next time, Ci Vediamo!!!


20 thoughts on “How to Thrift | 5 Tips You Need to Know

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  5. I always get so intimidated by the fact that there is SO MUCH STUFF! I know some people who find great stuff though, and am always really sad when I don’t find something awesome.

    • I get sad about it sometimes, too. Especially when I’ve waited a while between thrifting trips and leave empty-handed. But on the days I do find goodies, I feel like I’m swimming in gold! Lol. Moral: Patience, grasshopper =)

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  9. Thanks for sharing this. I am of the “estate sale” generation, while my daughter loves thrifting. We’ve been a couple times, but never with a plan. Definitely going to work at stepping outside the box!

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