Sweet Stories and a $20 Outfit

Thank goodness for Instagram

I follow so many amazing people/groups/organizations on Instagram, and when I saw a Black Girls Social post an event happening in Dallas, I had to go!  I wasn’t absolutely sure about what the event would be about, but it was worth a shot to mingle in my new town.

“Telling your story in a sweet way”

Cupcakes & Composition

Cupcakes & Composition

The “Cupcakes & Composition” event I attended by BGS let women tell their story, in a sweet way.  The donations from this event went to Nexus Recovery Center, Inc., a substance abuse treatment center for women.  I learned that Nexus is a one of a kind treatment center in that it helps not only single women on their own, but it also helps women that are pregnant and/or have children.  That is something that I have never thought about before.  Where do women with children go when they want to end their addiction?  Apparently, not many places offer a solution.  Nexus does.

Along with the telling of life stories that were difficult yet encouraging, there were other sweets like delicious cupcakes donated by Crumbs by Elle and Sweet Thangs by Lo Michelle, and tea by the cafe we gathered at, Sip | Stir Café.  If you ever go there, get the Moroccan Gun Powder tea.. #amazing!

A poem, written by BGS co-founder Tori Lee’s mother*, was the perfect thing story to sum up the feeling of encouragement that was in the café that night.

cupcakesandcompTomorrow will not be like today,

It will rise on its own expectation…

of open places to be writ upon.

A life evolving…

That is what’s to come.

But, do not fear the changing…

Be bold to look!

There is yet another chapter

To the book.

Get Involved with Black Girls Social

Ladies in the Dallas area, check out Black Girls Social events.  Everyone everywhere, visit the BGS website, learn about founders Tori and Kellee and their mission, and check out their BGS blog!

The Outfit

This is the epitome of me being happy with mixing new and old for an outfit.  The skirt and shoes were thrifted for less than $5 together, and the shirt is a Marshall’s #fabfound for $12.99!  Talk about an awesome outfit!  If you haven’t been a successful thrifter, it is never too late to check out my How To Thrift post, and give it a try!   =) My favorite step of thrifting is stepping outside of the box, which I did for this outfit because I 1.) normally NEVER buy shoes at thrift stores, so I rarely browse the shoe section; and 2.) got the skirt from a section I normally only skim over, and the size isn’t what I would normally fit.

.. but you can see those freshly polished old dance shoesweird face

weird face.. but you can see those freshly polished old dance shoesweird face

now watch me blink *jigs in my head*

now watch me blink *jigs in my head*

profile.. check out that pink ribbon!

profile.. check out that pink ribbon!

oh hey =)

oh hey =)

Like the pink ribbon?  Want to show your support for October being Breast Cancer Awareness month?  Get yours here: KnockOut Bows.

Pink Ribbon

Until next time, my darlings, Ci Vediamo!!!

*Correction, brought to my attention by BGS Co-Founder Kelle – the poem Joni Jalloh of Original Works of Faith.


4 thoughts on “Sweet Stories and a $20 Outfit

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  3. I just found my way here from Texas Women Bloggers. Great cause, great poem, and great outfit! The poem really resonated with me–I went through a very dark winter, that ended with me deciding to leave the town in northern MI, where I had spent the first 35 years of my life, and start over 1200 miles away, in Houston. Here is a post I wrote, that is along the same lines as the poem: http://myjourneytoithaca.wordpress.com/2013/04/04/unwritten/

    • Hi Bethany! I’m so glad you found me at TWB! Black Girls Social and Nexus are two amazing organizations, its a good feeling that I was able to share the poem I saw at their event & it resonated with you =) I’m going to check your blog out RIGHT NOW!

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